Be a novice marketer, not an expert

Get to the point of being a novice marketer/promoter/agent. Then hand it to an expert.

Moby, the famous techno artist, says the main reason for his success was that he found experts to do what they're best at, instead of trying to do it himself.

(Paraphrased:) "Instead of trying to be a booking agent, publicist, label, and manager, I put my initial energy into finding and impressing the best agent, publicist, label, and manager. And I just kept making lots of the best music I could."

If you sense you are becoming an expert, figure out what your real passions in life are and act accordingly.

Maybe you're a better publicist than bassist. Maybe you're a better bassist than publicist.
Maybe it's time to admit your weakness as a booking agent, and hand it off to someone else.
Maybe it's time to admit your genius as a booking agent, and commit to it full-time.