On the edge of eternity

1. My golden angel
2. Sea lo que sea!
3. Deja-vu?
4. Heart of distortion
5. Smile, Edward!
6. Mad rider
7. Mystery and Magic
8. Platinum
9. Sexy-Flexy
10. Firestorm
11. Jazz Paradise
12. Russian joke
13. One day of my life

The Music leads us to the edge of eternity by its melody and within some minutes gives us a possibility to understand its greatness.

Musical thanks: to Alex Petuhov for drums programming, tracks recording and mastering. Alex, you've made a good and complicated work.

Special thanks: to Roman Bulash and Max Grabov. We tried to create such a music, but we failed unfortunately. Nevertheless, that attempt has been a great experience and inspiration for me. Guys, you're incredible so...all the best for both of you:-)

Creative thanks: to Evgenly Lebedev for this album s art-work. I'm sure you have a great inspiration. All tracks have been created and performed by Paul Dubrovsky.