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I won't believe


Don't look for your shadow next to mine,
Don't even ask me how I am - I'm fine.
Everything you've done I'll leave behind.
I have never kept such women in my mind
Such women in my mind!

You only want to hear just "yes"
If I say "no" you try to press.
If I say "yes" youll be impressed
But Ill say "no" after "yes".
Dont think you understand my way
So let me go I need to play.
Im strong enough to live this life.
Believe in love! But I wont try!

Dont cry for me I will fly away,
No sense in your remarks - Ill never stay.
Theres no passion and therere no feelings.
I wont love you and I wont love all your thrills
I wont love all your thrills!