My music for everyone

1. Just believe
2. Good-bye
3. River of time
4. Time and Chance
5. Streets of love
6. You make me stronger
7. Word of love
8. The first song
9. Joyman
10. Stay
11. I won't believe
12. Soulfly
13. My dream
14. Smile
15. Heart & Soul

For listeners: I hope the people of different nationalities, professions and confessions will like the songs from this album. When writing these songs, I was hoping that everyone would find something special, personal for himself. I believe the music from this album will offer a key to open every heart. Music of the song "Soulfly" is dedicated to Elton John, whose work was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.

Thanks: to Alex Petukhov and Dmitriy Novichonok for good quality recording, mixing and mastering, Nastya Korolyuk and Vasiliy Yegorov for stunning vocals. People, these songs would not sound so good without you. And of course to lyricists whose lyrics can be considered poetry.

Special thanks: to Helen Yakhno for her vocal lessons and her help in the search for singers.

Musical thanks: to “Yamaha” corporation for its musical styles that I used when I was writing my arrangements.

Paul Dubrovsky: music and arrangements.

Nastya Korolyuk: vocals, backing vocals.

Vasiliy Yegorov: vocals, backing vocals.