The first song

Авторы: Наталья Лорен, Елена Рябова

This loneliness can almost kill me,
I don't know how to begin.
My fear of what lies next can thrill me,
And turn me back within.
Do I reach, do I wait, do I tell you what’s on my mind?
Should I play it safe and sound?
Are there rhymes in this verse, or will I find
In the end what is meant to be found?

This is the first song of my loving heart.
Sometimes played out of tune,
Sometimes missing a part.
But without it I'd never learn,
Without it my heart wouldn't burn,
Without it there would be no start.

What do you feel when you're with me,
Please tell me now what you see.
There's just one minute when you tease me,
The next moment I am free.
Now it's clear or it seems that I'm finally tired,
Your advice for me: No doubt.
I can answer for fun, you are really kind!
I'll decide and I'll do what I'm bound to.