Авторы: Макс Грабов, Елена Рябова

Sitting on the silver moon,
Looking at the planet Earth.
Interesting what happens soon,
Waiting for my second birth.

Dancing with the happy angels,
Trying to forget my face.
Looking for the coming changes,
Falling deeper into space.

Chorus 1:
My soul is flying among the stars,
Alone and broken into parts.
I think about you, about your crystal soul,
I want to take your heart again!

Walking on the yellow sand,
Thinking of my native town.
Reaching out for a helping hand,
Searching for it all around.

Chorus 2:
My heart belongs to you always,
It cuts inside of me and I see your face.
I dream about you and I want to be with you,
I miss you every night and day!