Blood Addict

Автор: Павел Дубровский

Can you face your fears through the endless ocean of darkness? Let your sorrow be your strength to overcome it. Raise your perception and realize, you have to kill the blood addict monster inside of you.

He lives on a desert planet,
He likes the remnants of flesh.
He makes human body salad,
He turns human souls to ash.
We should recognize his power,
We know him like War and Death.
We’ll see at the midnight hour
He acts in the deepest stress.

What have we done?
And what’ll we do with our souls in the darkest hour!
You realize
That your existence is so fragile
And you’ll see the light!

These nights came to show the horror,
These days came to crush your hope.
You know how to feel the sorrow,
I know how to make him stop.
Control the wildest beast in order,
Like a danger to the human race.
And make the internal holder
Cause the soul is eternal space.

Blood addict – the ancient warrior,
Blood addict – our hopes destroyer.
Blood addict – your worst nightmare,
Blood addict – the restless fighter.