This is a metal

Автор: Павел Дубровский

Don’t be a loser, don’t be shy,
Be respectful, touch the sky.
You’re so modern, you’re so cool,
Write this phrase, - it is your rule.

Take your girlfriend on your bike,
Be like a monster. What’s it like?
Raise your mood and lead your friend
To this show, hand in hand.

Chorus 1:

This is metal, this is your strength,
All your victims are scared to death.
This is a power, this is your fate,
You can get this, it’s not too late.

You’ll be a winner, show your skills,
You’re a destroyer on your wheels.
Try to use this chain and saw,
This is a freedom from the law.

Punch the public in its brain,
Light the spark under the rain.
Make them crazy, make them loud,
It’s your show, it’s your crowd.

Chorus 2:

This is metal – no time to lose,
Surf on these soundwaves to your muse.
Be so awesome and be so brave,
Share your music on this wave.