Streets of love

Автор: Михаил Загот

You make my day, you make my night
And then I leave you in the morning,
Without a trace, without a warning
I disappear without good-bye.
Don't wait for me, I won't be back
I never do, that's how I make it,
It's just a game, you have to play it
That's how my heart remains intact.

I walk along the streets of love
And never think of my tomorrow,
I walk along the streets of love
Without sympathy or sorrow.
I hope to find my only one
I know she's here in the crowd,
My heart is crying out loud
Cause I am lonely and I'm down.

I think of nothing but myself
Cause life is short and pretty fragile,
It's full of mystery and magic
And no one really wants to help.
So every day I break a heart
It makes me sad, it makes me happy,
A game of getting and forgetting
I'm always back here at the start.