You make me stronger

Автор: Фредди Ньютон

I've been waiting here patiently, hoping I could see you.
I can't fight this feeling baby, let's sneak off where it's just us two.
Let me love you, let me hold you. I will comfort you too.
Your love gives me strength, I hope mine does too.

You make me stronger- I'm lonely no longer.
You make me stronger- why's the night so bright?
You make me stronger- I'll love you more each day.
You make me stronger- I won't go away.

I pray on my knees everyday, thanking God you're with me.
Now my sky is no shade of gray, it's so bright I can hardly see.
Come on baby, come on darling- my love is a river.
I'll give you what you want. I'll deliver.