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This is metal

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1. This is Metal

For listeners: Hi there! Here is my new track. I have decided to create it because I really like metal music and always was fascinated by the virtuoso musicians who can play this complicated style.

Thanks: to Maria Rautenberg for the album’s art work.

Special thanks: to all legendary metal bands in my life. I think it makes no sense to list them because this roster will be too long.

Musical thanks: to Steve Coyne who played the guitar and it really rocks! I highly appreciate all the amazing singers who sang in this song using their vocal skills so that I could build strong and powerful choir. They include: Rodrigo Trosino, Carina Alvarez, Melani Hess and Katie Visser. People, I couldn’t do this without your help. Now, it sounds epic and cool!

Music, lyrics, arrangement, extreme vocals, backing vocals, mixing and mastering by Paul Dubrovsky.

Guitars by Steve Coyne.