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1. Mission Impossible (cover version)
2. Bullet to the Head
3. 17 Moments of Spring (cover version)
4. Land of Ruins
5. Ballad of Fighting (cover version)
6. Wanted Him
7. I’ll Be Back (cover version)
8. You Should Be Better
9. Extremist
10. This is War
11. Friend or Enemy
12. Ballad of Fighting (cover version, russian)
13. Gently Rockin
14. Our Freedom

For listeners: Hi there! Here are my new tracks. I suppose they will rock your mind and your speakers. Almost all tracks of this album sound aggressive, but some of them can penetrate into your souls. The name of my CD is very simple and clear and it reflects the complicated situation in my native land. I want to dedicate this music to my Ukrainian people who can fight for their rights and freedom!

Thanks: to Alex Petukhov for mixing and mastering and Maria Rautenberg the album’s art work.

Special thanks: to Vasiliy Yegorov for stunning vocals. I must admit your voice raises a full range of emotions and touches the strings of listeners’ hearts.

Musical thanks: Vladimir Vysotsky for his “Ballad of Fighting”, George Tokarev and Robert Titterton for their translation of this genius song, Mikael Tariverdiev for his “17 Moments of Spring” – it has been such a touching melody to me since my childhood, Lalo Schifrin and Brad Fiedel for their unforgettable themes from “Mission Impossible” and “Terminator” accordingly.

Paul Dubrovsky: music, lyrics, arrangements, extreme vocals, backing vocals, choirs, guitars.

Vasiliy Yegorov: melodic vocals.