Paul Dubrovsky

Paul Dubrovsky - Your Sound Provider of Choice
Have you been looking for original music or sound assets composed from scratch exclusively for your project? Only a well-experienced professional music composer with a banger of a portfolio can help you achieve a truly authentic sound. Which has been the main working focus of him for years.
Top-of-the-Line Sound Design Services
Design and revitalize your sound to achieve the crispy, deluxe quality of the top studio production. Get your sound designed the right way from scratch or send separate audio assets to rework, renovate, and enhance. Polish up your project most conveniently online.
Professional Remote Sound Production
Need authentic sound done by a seasoned professional online? I can help you fully produce a top-quality project from the ground up or tweak and improve the existing project any way you wish - from arranging to editing to mixing to mastering and packing up the finalized product.

Featured Projects

Lascia ch'io pianga 2020
Fobos 2020
This is Metal 2017
War 2015
Made in Ukraine 2014
MindGroover 2013
On the Edge of Eternity 2009​

Who is he?

Paul Dubrovsky is a metal buff and audio enthusiast first and a savvy music composer with a huge experience of work second. Playing and writing music since his very childhood, Paul is a multipurpose audio professional. With the official website stuffed with songs composer services and other offers to order, Paul has certainly earned his place among the highly-demanded music composers for hire.

Looking for a top-notch music composer?

Need a seasoned songs writer and sound specialist to compose an absolutely original, high-quality music, polish up your existing creations, or offer a selection of reasonably-priced readymade tracks?

He does:

Audio background and soundtracks to videos, films, and games

Themed music for ads, presentations, and various projects

Separate parts or phrases and full songs for artist recordings

Production, mixing, mastering, adaptation, and refinement of audio