Paul Dubrovsky

Film and TV Composer

Music for movies and TV is like seasoning for a dish. Without it, you will learn the story, but you will not be able to enjoy it entirely. The most obvious and at the same time the most important purpose of the movie composer is to boost the emotions of the viewer when watching various television scenes.   

We all noticed that when the heroes part, a sad soundtrack often plays; when the maniac pursues the victim, intense music is heard; in comedies, places without jokes are sometimes filled with perky music to reinforce the fun. If the viewer has a callous heart, and the actor does not have enough skill to reach the audience, the qualified work of a music producer can easily break the ice. That’s why a film music composer is needed.

Looking for a good film composer for hire? He is at your service. He is a well-known Ukrainian composer wanted for the short film and full-sized cinema OST creation, covering dozens of musical genres.

The Hard Job Of a Movie Composer

Obviously, the film score depends on many things: on the acting, cinematography, direction, graphics, and, of course, music. Without one of these ingredients, a promising movie can easily become a failure. And, perhaps, there is not a truly great and famous film without decent music. It is the music that can calm the viewer, excite them, or awaken any other emotion the director wants in the best way.

We can watch our favorite films dozens of times and sit in front of our computer setup having our favorite soundtracks hundreds on repeat. This means that the quality work of a film tv composer is important not only for the trailer or showreel but for the entire film as a whole.

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