Paul Dubrovsky

Audio Restoration

Sound is a very delicate thing that requires an intricate approach in order to make it work the way you want. Without proper expertise and experience, it’s easy to mess up your sound – e.g., reduce audio frequencies in one place and boost them in another. And that’s what professional audio restoration is for. Does your track clip or miss the desired depth? He can help you fix the situation with well-proven audio restoration techniques at a reasonable cost.

What is audio restoration?

In a nutshell, knowing what art or architectural restoration is enough to understand what is audio restoration. Restoration deals with bringing a particular worn-out object to its former glory. But things are more complicated when it comes to sound restoration as sound doesn’t spoil over time. So audio restoration specialists rather work on your mistakes and compensate for the lack of sound production expertise, dealing with flaws and errors in the foundation of your audio project.

Paul provides a wide range of audio restoration services to sharpen up and smooth out your sound.

Removal of clicks and crackles

Get rid of all the quality-spoiling, unintended scratches and clicking sounds in your mix by letting him carefully process your sound.

Repair of clipping accidents

Paul uses specialized software to reconstruct and balance out the lost peaks and remove the excess distortion.

Elimination of tape hiss

The background tape hiss sound is a common occurrence in studio recordings which Paul reduces via pro software.

Removal of other excess sounds

Your audio may be interloped by various buzzes, hums, and smacks, and Paul is your best friend in getting rid of all of those.

Why Paul?

He has been working with music all his life, composing, recording, producing, and optimizing sound of any sort and purpose. Thanks to an extensive music education and lifelong professional background, he knows how a truly clean mix should sound and completes projects with the industry’s best audio recording mixing and restoration approaches to.

You can check out his portfolio to see what he has in store.

Hire a professional audio restoration specialist

Just use this official website to get your audio restored, repaired, and perfected to the high-level production status.

  • Leave a submission or contact him personally to discuss what you need
  • Wait for him to repair audio for you asap
  • Review the restored mix
  • Make your suggestions for revisions
  • Get a clean finalized mix as soon as you like what you hear

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