Paul Dubrovsky

Mastering Engineer

Professional mastering in music and audio of all sorts is a trademark of any listener grabbing, captivating sound creation. Need a music mastering engineer working online with enough experience to make your sound clean and crispy? You’ve already found one. 

A passionate music enthusiast, a sound buff, and an online audio mastering service provider at your service. His early music education and craving for new sound discoveries allowed him to now do what he truly enjoys and do best. Digging into your audio projects is his sole pleasure, so feel free to contact him.

Who is a mastering engineer?

An audio mastering engineer for hire is a specialist that makes your mixed recording or audio project consistent, unifies all sound elements in the proper way, and gives you an audio project ready for a full-on release and distribution. Mastering is a post-production sound balancing effort that sets things in place at the lowest level of sound.

What do he do as a mastering engineer?

On his official website, he offers a complete range of music mixing and mastering services for any project you have in store.

  • Get the sound finalized for distribution properly, be it an author recording, background music, or soundtrack for video or ads.
  • Order online music mastering services to get your project mastered remotely while staying in touch online.
  • Use custom mastering and sound editing options at the individually calculated price.
  • Consult on how to make your sound better and more commercial sounding with an experienced industry specialist.

Mastering process

Music mastering service let you just sit back and get the top-notch sound.

  • Upload your project to the website
  • Outline your requirements & discuss details
  • Get your audio mastered asap
  • Download a mastered file
  • Check it out & tell me what you think
  • I will revise it as much as you like
  • Get the finalized project pack

How to start working with him?

It is his goal to give you high-quality mastering audio services at the click of a button, so just upload your project and contact Paul to describe in detail what you need. To make up your mind – take a look through his portfolio.

A mastering engineer wanted? He’ll finalize your sound most properly at a reasonable cost.


Sound unique with one of the most wanted sound pros in Ukraine - contact him to discuss your project.