Paul Dubrovsky

Sounds Design

Sound Design is one of the commonly used and highly demanded efforts in music and film industries. It is the process of creating or manipulating existing sound effects. It’s not only about loud technical explosions, noise effects of interstellar robotic systems, monsters’ voices, battle sounds but also about full-fledged background arrangements.

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Popularity of Sound Design Services

Almost every movie has a musical background created by a composer sound designer that enhances the immersion and vibes of the storyline. Sound design is also in demand on the television, in the field of branding and advertising, on the radio, in theatrical art. It is used for animation and in modern music genres. 

As for the profession of a sound designer, he or she doesn’t have to be an educated composer, but must have a sophisticated taste and ear for music. The person who provides sound design services and creates sound effects must think like a consumer, not like a creator. The main task of a good sound effects designer is not to distract the viewer’s attention from screen scenes, but to reinforce realism and implement the best effect of presence.

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Sound Design in Paul Dubrovsky’s Creativity

He is a professional musician who has been playing several musical instruments since the age of five. Due to years of practice and artistic vigor, he has managed to become one of the most wanted sound engineers.

Most of his work sound designing processes are implemented with the help of the computer and FX software. As a sound engineer, he is proud of having the opportunity to create a fairly large number of musical compositions in various styles, completely different from each other.

In the list of featured compositions, he tries to cover as many different genres and combinations of instruments as possible, since the likes and preferences of a film director or a producer might shift.

That’s why Paul’s creations range from children’s and comic-comedy tracks to arrangements for action and horror films, from tracks based on electronic sounds to symphonic orchestral works, from airy or ominous ambient to ordinary piano tracks.

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