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Top Quality Audio Branding Services

Have you been looking to emphasize the exclusivity of your brand? Music and sound are universal languages. That’s why professional corporate audio branding will help you boost the hype and reach out to more people. Let’s make your brand sound inviting and authentic.

What is audio branding?

You probably already realize the importance of media assets in business promotion and the establishment of brand awareness. And yet, many companies and entrepreneurs stop at a logo, a slogan, a corporate color scheme for a website, and, maybe, a couple of banners.

And that’s how they miss out on the ultimate influence of sound for business. The master plan has been figured out and successfully used by numerous brands through years of commercial efforts. The advertising efficiency of commercial jingles and brand sounds is undeniable. Who can really get the McDonald’s jingle or Netflix startup sound out of their head?

Benefits of audio branding

Authentic, catchy, motivating audio branding can give a powerful boost to your brand promotion strategy. It is a great way to leave an impression that goes beyond the simple acknowledgment of your company’s existence. All in all, with professional audio branding by Paul Dubrovsky, you get:

  • A way to stay original and exclusive to your target audience
  • Better brand recognizability and distinctive brand identity
  • Impact on the mood and motivation of your customers
  • Boosted reputability and trust towards your brand
  • Established brand positioning and reinforced business message
  • Boosted impact of brand visuals and other media
  • More chances of converting potential customers to real buyers

Having your own sound, you become more recognizable and reputable in the eyes of both customers and business partners. We can help make them hear your business message loud and clear.

Let’s find your brand sound

Paul Dubrovsky leads an audio branding company that offers versatile audio branding services based on the type of your business, requirements, and years of field experience. You just tell us what you would like to hear, we will do the rest at the highest industry standard, including:

  • Analysis of your brand (its existing corporate attributes, its message, and overall air if it has any)
  • Composing of original scores, jingles, songs, background pieces, or separate audio phrases and assets
  • Professional vocals for ads, commercial presentations, videos and animations, etc.
  • Professional audio and sound design for ads, commercial presentations, videos and animations, etc.
  • Mixing, mastering, and editing of originally created or readymade audio pieces via professional hardware and software
  • Custom sound creation, editing, and optimization of all sorts via a single audio branding site

We can help you to establish a unique brand voice so that you are properly heard in the market no matter the type, purpose, and mood of your brand – all conveniently online.

Connect with Paul Dubrovsky

Please, remember that finding your authentic brand sound is really simple. For one thing, you can simply open this site, make a submission, and get the results driven by the top industry standards. In particular, this is how it works:

  1. Make your submission on the website – describe what you need in general, point out the main specifics of the project, and tell a bit about yourself/your business
  2. Schedule a call-up or online meeting to get acquainted and discuss the project in more detail
  3. (Optionally) upload the audio assets you need to work on if you have any
  4. Contact Paul to freely discuss any specifics along the way right up until the deadline hits
  5. Get the job done and check if you like what you see
  6. Do you approve? Then get your finalized audio and enjoy the boosted brand impact

As a professional composer, sound designer, and musician with years of field experience, Paul guarantees the top sound quality, expert approach to sound design, and in-depth work on all the involved audio assets.

Conquer customers’ hearts with your own voice

We are your trusty agency to create a branding commercial audio for any type of business with any purpose at hand. We can help you please the ears of your potential customers and retain your existing audience with a touch of exclusivity and complete brand consistency.

Remember – companies that need audio branding are already one step ahead of their competition in the market.

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