Paul Dubrovsky

Game Music Composer

Paul has been studying music since the age of five and set off his professional career in 2009. Paul’s musical education, as an essential advantage in the field, always helped him to write harmonious compositions for different musical genres. His life-changing music creation journey started when he presented to the public his album with professionally mixed indie tracks, named “On the Edge of Eternity”. You can also listen to it online on this website.

This was the impetus for the expansion of Paul’s musical preferences, and he began to master the basics of writing tracks for the gameplay of video or flash/browser games. The composer is now considered a popular music producer for games and boasts an impressive track portfolio with lots of works acquired by well-known virtual game developers.

Creating Game Music Soundtracks Provides a Unique Gameplay Atmosphere

Every video game has music that acts as an immersion-enhancing effect. When a calm melody sounds, the player feels safe, and when it gets anxious, the player becomes nervous and begins to act.

All these nuances are successfully implied by Paul Dubrovsky, who can produce recognizable melodies that cannot be thrown out of players’ heads for months. If you are looking for a composer for the game, you should definitely visit his music catalog.

What Are the Main Goals That a Music Producer for Games Should Achieve?

Creating game music soundtracks is quite different from the same process with music for films or songs. Usually, it consists of more parts than ordinary songs, since repetitions, in the absence of overlaid lyrics, sound quite intrusive. That’s why writing such tracks is a real challenge for every game composer wanted.

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