Paul Dubrovsky

Extreme Singer

Have you been looking for a male session singer to help you complete the music track with professional extreme vocals fill-ins? Paul Dubrovsky is at your service. He is an experienced session vocalist for hire with an extensive solo career and he’s willing and ready to spice up and help finish up your creations – all online and at reasonable pricings.

Work with a session vocalist online

As a professional session vocalist, he can help you do vocal parts, fill-ups, backgrounds – you name it – in your song, album, or any other audio project. He has already put his skills into helping to improve performances, complete albums, and even handle the recording of commercials. Currently, he is mainly focusing on the extreme lead singer and similar session positions. So if you’ve been looking for a session vocalist online, he is your guy!

Fast and simple collaboration

All you need to get yourself a pro extreme singer is visit this website, leave your submission, contact Paul to discuss your particular needs, and tell him what to do. We can make a short-term contract for session singer if you need him to do a part in a single song or multiple takes throughout the album or project. Our short-term collaboration may as well turn into firm business and art relationships, which should bring us mutual benefit.

Contact him now if you need to:

  • Diversify the vocal arrangement of your metal or rock track;
  • Spice up your project with some extreme vocals;
  • Add the final touches to your project (fill-ins, back vocals, supporting vocals etc.);
  • Find that special something to add to your creation.

Session vocalist wanted? Look no further

Studying, practicing, and simply enjoying music and its theory from early childhood, Paul can guarantee you the highest quality of recordings, skillful input, and fast project completion. So he can fill your session vocalist wanted position with utter responsibility and quality.

How much do his services cost? It depends on what type and scope of artistic input is required, but Paul always makes sure to settle on the most flexible pricing that should leave everybody satisfied.

How to hire him?

All you need to do is:

  1. Leave a submission on the website (where you can include basic descriptions of your project);
  2. Get a response and arrange a call-up to discuss all the specifics (type of project, underlying responsibilities, costs, etc.);
  3. Make a contract online;
  4. Give him tasks and watch the magic happen;
  5. Get your finalized audio assets in convenient formats through any fitting online channel;
  6. All communications and interactions will be carried out online, in the most convenient way for you.


Paul works only with top-notch professional studio hardware and software, and has his own equipment to do all sorts of vocals (including recording, mixing, mastering, editing, processing, etc.). This should be another bonus for you. As for the specific tools and approaches employed during your project – he prefers discussing these things personally and in more detail.

Contact Paul Dubrovsky to discuss your project