English (United Kingdom)Russian (CIS)

Made in Ukraine

1. Blood Addict
2. Heart of Distortion
3. 007
4. Angelique
5. Kilimanjaro
6. Divide and Conquer

For listeners: Many of you may think this is not my style of music and you would be right, but I must admit I adore explosive music and I always wanted to create something in this style. I hope you will like it! I want to dedicate this music to my Ukrainian people who can fight for their rights and freedom!

Thanks: to Dmitriy Novichonok for vocal recording, to Alex Petukhov for mixing and mastering, to Roman Bulash for the unforgettable bass line in “Heart of Distortion” and Vitaliy Yavorsky for the album’s art work.

Special thanks: to Worthrax for the incredible guitar sounds and solos. You are a very gifted and skilled man, to Vasiliy Yegorov and to Anastasia Shevchenko for stunning vocals, to Me J for the extreme vocals – it was an unusual experience, but I could do it!

Musical thanks: to “Disturbed”, “Ill Ni?o” and “Sonata Arctica” bands for their musical styles and creativity. They are an inspiration to me, and you will understand why, when you listen to my music.

Paul Dubrovsky: music, lyrics, arrangements and extreme vocals.

Worthrax: guitars.

Vasiliy Yegorov: melodic vocals, choir.

Anastasia Shevchenko: melodic vocals, choir.